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The "Gallery of More Painted Rocks" features examples of some of the critters, gnome homes and holiday items I've hand painted along with measurements, weights, and descriptions. They illustrate how to display and accessorize the rocks to make them even more unique and one of a kind. I also suggest possible uses for the painted rocks although I'm sure you'll come up with some clever ideas of your own. Some of these painted rock critters and others are available for purchase at my Hand Painted Rocks Store.
Painting Ladybug Rocks Step by Step
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Painting Step by Step: Teaching Colors, Teaching Numbers
Using a Ladybugs Painting Project

This rock painting guide shows you how to paint rocks and stones with a simple ladybug painting pattern. These bright, colorful, numbered ladybugs are a fun way for teaching colors and teaching numbers to small children. Teaching concepts using the painted stone ladybugs are: color recognition, number recognition, counting skills, small to large concept, basic addition and subtraction. 
This is a Kindle eReader version which includes the printable, PDF version as a bonus.  
How to Paint a Stony Face on Rocks
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How to Paint a Stony Face on Rocks
This is a how-to rock painting guide for beginners. It is an easy craft project for creating Stony Faces from 4 basic mouth patterns, 4 simple eye patterns, 3 acrylic paint colors, and small rocks or stones. The how-to guide features step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos and illustrations so you can easily create your own, unique Stony Faces. There is a printable, PDF version and a Kindle eReader version which includes the printable, PDF version as a bonus.  
rock art painting, owl
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Owl Painted Rock Critter
5" wide x 6-1/2" tall
6 lbs.
Painted in black, white, gold, and shades of brown this hand painted rock owl critter is a heavy piece that may be used as a door stop, bookend, or whimsical display.  
rock art paintings, critters, animals, snake
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Siamese Cat Painted Rock Pet
7" wide x 5-1/2" tall
6 lbs.
This Siamese rock cat is cozy and curled up on his favorite blue flannel blanket. With piercing blue eyes that demand your attention and cream, dark brown, and light brown coloring, his breed is instantly recognizable. 
rock painting, pets, cats, kittens
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Cat Family Hand Painted Rocks
7-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" tall
2 lbs.
Two cute calico kittens painted on small stones are safe and secure with their ebony-colored rock mother in a wicker basket lined with a blue gingham cloth. Each cat can be removed or rearranged. The kittens make perfect pocket pets. 
rock art paintings, gnome home
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Blue Painted Rock Gnome Home
6" wide x 5-1/2" tall
4 lbs.
Perfect indoors or out, this blue gnome home rock features red flowers on the front, raised arches over the windows, and a cute little chimney on top.  The step and windowsills are unpainted which allows the natural rock to show through. You can see how cute it looks nestled in a garden. 
rock art paintings, gnome home
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Pink Painted Rock Gnome Home
5" wide x 6" tall
5 lbs.
Perfect indoors or out, this pink gnome home rock features window boxes on the front, raised arches over the windows, and a cute little chimney on top.  The step is unpainted allowing the natural rock to show through. You can see how a different rock shape and paint colors give this gnome home an entirely different appearance from the blue home.  
rock art paintings, critters, animals, snake
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Painted Rock Snake
7-1/2" x 6"
4 lbs.
This painted rock snake critter is a whimsical critter to be enjoyed indoors or out.  It is painted in teal, pink, black and white with the natural rock showing in between the geometric shapes. Although not painted realistically, it is a unique, one-of-a-kind yard art item for  a garden.  
rock art paintings, critters, animals, snake
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Summer Berries Hand Painted Rocks
4" wide x 4-1/2" long x 3" tall
1 lb. total
Ten painted rock strawberries that look good enough to eat are nestled in a straw-lined wooden box. Small rocks such as these are painted so realistically that care must be taken around young children who may try to eat them!   
Halloween, rock art, ghost, pumpkin
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Trick or Treat Collection of Painted Rocks
Ghosts 3" to 5" wide, 3-1/2" to 4-1/2" high
3 lbs. total
These ghosts are a delight with no intention of playing tricks; the joke is on them with an oversized candy corn mixed among the pumpkins. This Halloween holiday collection of painted rocks consists of 2 ghosts, 2 pumpkins, 1 jack-o-lantern, and 1 large candy corn. 
rock art paintings, Santa, gift, Christmas
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Sitting Santa
4" wide x 4-1/2" tall
2 lbs.
A painted Christmas holiday rock resembling Santa Claus is painted sitting on a chair and taking a breather. His glasses are a little askew because he's been very busy coordinating the toy making and reindeer training for his December 25th run. Clicking on the photo will show you the back view of this hand-painted rock Santa.
rock art paintings, Santa, Christmas gift
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Santa with Detachable Head Painted Rocks
7" wide x 6-1/2" tall
5 lbs.
The head on this sitting Santa Claus is attached with hook and loop tape (Velcro) and can be moved in various positions. The head can also be removed and used as a Christmas holiday ornament, pocket pal, gift box adornment, etc.  
rock art nativity set, Holy Family, nativity figures
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Holy Family Painted Rock Nativity Set
Mary & Joseph 3-1/2" tall
Jesus 2-1/2" long
4 lbs. total
These Holy Family nativity scene figures are unique and one of a kind because of the rocks' shape. Joseph's robes are brown and green and Mary is dressed in blue.  Baby Jesus rests on a piece of bark. Click here to see more unique nativity scene figures and sets that I've painted and how you can integrate them with a traditional nativity scene display.   
rock art painting, house, winter cottage
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Winter Cottage Painted on a Rock
5" wide x 4-1/2" tall
2 lbs.
Sparkling snow (achieved by using glitter paint) accents this painted rock winter cottage that can be used for holiday home decor.  A wreath adorns the front door. Three windows are also painted on the back of the cottage. The house is teal with dark blue and light blue accents.   
rock art painting, Santa, ornament, Christmas gift
Santa Hand-Painted Rock Ornament
2-1/4" wide x 2-1/2" tall
3 oz.
Santa's face is hand-painted on the front side of a small rock and a red ribbon is attached to the back. This rock Santa can be used as a Xmas holiday tree ornament, wreath adornment, gift box embellishment, stocking stuffer, pocket pal, etc. 

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